The county of Valdés is located in the western part of the Principality of Asturias. It has three distinct areas. To the north is the coastal plateau with its impressive cliffs and dunes, highlighting Otur beaches, Caves beach, or Barayo. South is the county of Tineo, a mountainous area, which hosts the mountains of Adrado, The Estoupo, Buseco and Silvallana village (brañas vaqueiras). The third zone is formed by the valleys of the interior, highlighting the Valley Wall (protected Landscape Esva Basin), through which flow the rivers which are filled with trout and salmon.


In the county of Valdés, you can visit:

  • The Valley and Wall Parish (Prince of Asturias Prize for the People specimen 2001).
  • Tower of Villademoros. Imposing tower built in the late Middle Ages (XV century)
  • Ovienes: Menhir and gravestone.
  • Cowboy wetlands.
  • Cowboy at Boda Aristebano. (Last Sunday of July).
  • Partial Nature Reserve of Barayo. (Beach, estuary and dune complex).
  • Church of S. Miguel de Trevias.
  • Beach and chapel of la Regalina in Cadavedo.
  • Lighthouse and cape Busto
  • Brieves, with its typical arches that connect the houses and granaries.
  • Park of Life




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